Tips to score high marks in boards examination

At last the great day, when you will be seated in the examination hall taking the CBSE Board Examination, is at hand. Many of you face the exam time with butterflies in your stomach, but a few smart practices can turn you into a champion at facing the challenge. Here are few tips to score high marks in board examinations.

With your personal routine sorted out, you must adopt smart tactics for scoring marks. The foolproof way is to tackle CBSE Board question papers and answer them as if you are a virtual candidate in the hall. In particular, you must thoroughly solve the latest CBSE Sample Paper , because that paper is the blueprint for the forthcoming examinations.

To ensure that you enter the examination hall feeling fresh and well prepared, you should draw up a time-table of study-rest-play. While you allocate a major chunk of time to studies, you must also eat well and healthy, and take plenty of liquids. Do not skip your eight-hour sleep schedule as otherwise it will make you lethargic all day.

In the examination hall, it is necessary that you optimally utilise the 15 minutes given for reading the paper. Besides a burning curiosity to know what is being asked, also check the options with each question. This year, a greater quantum of options are being offered for each question, so choose the one that you are most confident of answering. Attempt the paper in a serial order, either from the beginning of the paper, keeping in mind that every section of the paper is answered. This will eliminate chances of your missing out answering any question, and you will be able to cross-check your work with ease.

Most importantly, you must keep a sharp eye on time management. It is wise to check the marks allocated for each question and accordingly, decide the time to be dedicated to it. It is a wise move to work within a time frame during prep time, to get habituated to time-oriented practices. Conclusively, you must also take out time to watch your favourite movie, call up your friend, or take a nap. After all, examinations are a challenge thrown at the champion in you, and with the right mindset and training, the battle is won before begun!

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