CBSE Class 10th and 12th Practical Exam Starts: Top Tips to Score Good Grades

CBSE Class 10th Practical Exams 2024 are scheduled to commence on 1st Jan’24 continue until February 15, 2024 across all CBSE-affiliated schools, as per the official announcement made by CBSE.  Class 12 CBSE Practical Exams will also be conducted parallel to Class 10 Exams as dates for both are same. CBSE Syllabus for Class 10th Practical Exam has to be followed strictly by the students and teachers. CBSE has also issued guidelines to be followed by the schools in recent circulars wherein the broader responsibilities and division of work has been marked for students, schools and at district level.

Visit to read the details about the same. Click to find the PDF of the circular on Preparation Practical Exams 2023-24 issued by CBSE.  

Here, are some of the tips that can be followed by students at all levels:

  1. Preparation

Prepare to excel the concepts and yield best results in the exams, with the best practically applicable techniques. These can be making notes, doing revision through the manual, making use of NCERT Textbook for deeper conceptual development or simply spending more time on the concepts or in the lab, depending on the requirement of the subject.

To improve your knowledge of working with the lab apparatus, try with Best Learning Strategy for Practical Labs, How Apparatus are used in an experiment or how to use the same for other experiments etc.This helps the students in understanding the applications of concept behind the experiment. Such knowledge develops the skills as well as learning requirements.

Here, we’ve listed few of the top Preparation needs for CBSE Class 12th Practical Examination and Class 10th Practical Examination.

  • Get familiarized with the subject

Every other subject that you study has practical implications. For various subjects- Theory is one part & Practical is the other. They’re both complimentary to each other.  Thus, to understand the practical exams, it is necessary to understand the theory as well. Make notes from the perspective of an oral test, highlighting those relevant to the practical exam. 

  • Your Lab is Your Syllabus

Understand the dynamic working of the lab. Where to start the experiment and how to reach up to the conclusions. Understand the experiments, their usage and follow the prescribed syllabus of Practical Exam CBSE Class 12 & 10 strictly. For more details, regarding the CBSE Course Structure Class 10th, List of Practical Experiments Class 10th, and CBSE Class 10th Board Exam Question Paper Design, follow the link below for all other class 9th and 10th subjects.

Alongside NCERT Practical Books, prepare for CBSE Practical Exam 2024, using Best Reference & Practice Material, ‘Together with’ Lab Manual and ‘Together with’ Lab Practical that are Equipped with introductory knowledge of experiments, lab experiments, additional viva questions and Class 10 NCERT Solved Questions, both the books serve the purposes of Step by Step Lab Guide and Practical Record File respectively.

  • Examination

Students your board exams begin with writing Practical Answer Sheets. Scoring good marks in the exam is also a result of fine presentation and lab skills. Here are some of the most common points that students must adopt while writing for CBSE Practical Exam:

  • Clearly define the aim, methodology, material used, observation table, result and precautions.
  • The observation table must have separate columns for experiment process and conclusions.
  • The Answer Booklet must be neat, clean and tidy.
  • Draw in relevance to reading about the experiment through diagrams, flow charts and tables wherever required.
  • Introduction to the experiment must be supplied with enough theoretical understanding.
  • During the Viva ensure that the Answers are to the point, crisp and clear.
  • Let your knowledge of the experiment reflect in your answers.
  • Be very clear about what you are doing in the project.
  • Applications of the Project must be kept in mind.

Class 12 CBSE Practical Exam is a structure of evaluation where the marks are divided amongst the Experiment, Viva and the Project. Give due importance to each to score the best in exams. All the best for your exams!

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