Together With CBSE Practice Material English Language and Literature for Class 9

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Students who have entered Class IX from the academic session 2018-19 will have a new English syllabus to study.

According to the new syllabus guidelines, published by the CBSE, the erstwhile Literature Reader IX has been replaced by two titles, namely ‘Beehive (Main Reader) and ‘Moments’ (Supplementary Reader). The novels (Gulliver’s Travels and Three Men in a Boat) have also been taken off the course. In Section B (Writing) the Board has introduced descriptive paragraph writing as a question to be attempted by the candidates.

Realising the need for timely assistance and guidance being given to students at the beginning of the new school session, Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd, has once again fulfilled its commitment as a premier educational publisher. In the light of these considerations, the freshly prepared content of Together With Practice Material English Language and Literature for Class 9 is an error-free, exhaustive coverage in a section-wise arrangement and comprehensive Practice Papers, available in both digital and printed versions. The said material has been conceived and produced to make it academically challenging as also intensive and thorough so that every aspect of the syllabi is given adequate attention.

Keeping in mind the classroom situation as also the paucity of time available to students, the content has been systematically formatted so that students’ attention is kept focused and no extra elements are introduced into the content beyond the demands of the CBSE syllabus guidelines. The matter is also adequately edited to provide scope for self-study along a student-friendly, exam-oriented preparatory outlay, to build confidence and ensure success for the end-users.

Considering the demand, we have also come up with Pull-out Worksheets along with the solutions. Test generator for teachers,Sidhi Baat,Mobile App and web support are added advantages in the book making it a complete package for the users.

Best CBSE Practice Study Material for Class 9 All Subjects

Note: English Communicative for class IX has been discontinued.

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