Together With CBSE Practice Material Economics  for Class 11

This month marks the start of a new session in schools as also the arrival of a fresh syllabus of studies earmarked for them from the CBSE Board. The course specified for study in Economics for students of Class XI in the session 2018-2019 implements a change in the prescribed textbooks for study. The previous syllabus had prescribed the following books for study, namely (i) Statistics and (ii) Indian Economic Development.

In the current session 2018-2019 the prescribed books consist of (i) Introductory Micro Economics and (ii) Statistics. The notable change in the new syllabus for Class XI therefore is that the textbook on Statistics has been retained while the title ‘Indian Economic Development’ has been removed from the Class XI course.

This changeover in the pattern of studies for Class XI have been duly catered for by Rachna Sagar Private Ltd. The publishing house, in its effort to be at the forefront of providing updated course material to students of all classes has come up with Together With Practice Material Economics  for Class 11 based on the changed syllabus. Despite the short span of time for making adjustments in the course, Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd has prepared the matter for aspiring candidates strictly along the lines laid down by the CBSE Board. The matter has been made student-friendly and informative by authors with long standing experience of the CBSE pattern of questioning and examining, so that users are well versed in tackling a  variety of questions during the forthcoming examinations. The new books provide guidelines on examination preparation through varied content boosting the end user’s confidence and giving him/her a thorough grounding in the subject matter. The well bound volumes can withstand repeated handling making it an all round, quality product.

Test generator for teachers,Sidhi Baat,Mobile app, web support are added advantages in the book making it a complete package for the users.

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