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When the CBSE announced a reorientation of the syllabus in Sanskrit for Class IX based on NCERT text book, Shemushi, we were fully geared to offer our valuable customers, an updated and wholly revised series of practice material in line with the change in the syllabus.

As a recall we would like to inform our valuable users that the previous textbook in Sanskrit, Manika published by CBSE, has now been replaced by the textbook ‘Shemushi’, which is published by NCERT. This changeover has been enforced after a number of years and therefore required fresh Together With Practice Study Material Sanskrit for Class 9. Change in the paper pattern according to the demands of the changed textbook was also the need of the hour.

It may be pointed out that this change has been done for the first time in the CBSE. Thus it is natural that it will require getting used to, not just for the students but for the teaching faculty. Keeping these challenges in mind, we at Rachna Sagar Private Ltd have carried out a systematic translation of all the chapters word to word in Hindi. This is further enhanced with meanings of difficult words in the text. Related grammar exercises  have been included with each lesson to give appropriate study material to the end-users. In addition to these special inputs with every chapter, there are solved exercises of all the textual questions. These solved exercises have been followed by extra practice questions to help users build confidence in their ability to grasp the contents fully.

The new study material has also made an addition in Section ‘B’ or Writing section of the paper, thereby offering an integrated package of study material. It has solved and unsolved exercises on dual translation passages in Hindi to Sanskrit and vice versa, in keeping with CBSE requirements. Section ‘C’ (Grammar) has also been enhanced with a ‘Prefix’ (Upsarg) inclusion to give the topic its fullest coverage.

In the end, the student user is given an effective confidence building tool in the way of Practice Papers for a last-minute brushing-up of the entire course, so that he/she gains knowledge of this ancient language of India with the right outlook.

Test generator for teachers,Sidhi Baat,Mobile app, web support are added advantages in the book making it a complete package for the users.

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