Why should you buy books such as Sample Papers, Practice Material, Reference books & Guides of Rachna Sagar publication?

The publications in the market under the Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd (Together With) label are products of high quality research into the needs and requirements of students and teachers. To ensure that our books are relevant and interesting for the end-users, the company has a large team of researchers, editors and content writers who are constantly working at supplying book titles, which are based on the latest educational pedagogies and current educational system.

Thus Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd has been able to provide core quality preparatory educational study material such as Sample Papers, Practice Material, Reference books & Guides for appearing for the all the Board level examinations such as CBSE, ICSE streams, State level for all the class such as pre-primary, primary & middle level Secondary and Senior Secondary (for Class 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12) levels on varied subjects like English, Mathematics, Hindi, Sanskrit, Science such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social Studies such as History, Civics, Geography, Computers Application, Accountancy ,Economics, Business studies, French book, Art & Activity, General Knowledge, Environmental Studies, Life Skills, Moral Values, Story Books, Lab Manuals, Practical Manual & Lab Practical & Educational games etc. , along with Digital Support such as Ebooks, Interactive Ebooks, Audio-video Animations etc. that are student-friendly.
Taking the publications of the NCERT as their main guideline, Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd has provided additional sample papers, practice material, reference books & guides by bringing publications in a serial format. These books are brought out in a graded order to match the age and competency levels of the child-user. The ‘Enriched Scanner’ CBSE Previous Years Question paper and NCERT textbook solutions series helps students or learners to prepare for the forthcoming examinations by practicing the problems and solutions given to develop competence and confidence in tackling the final examinations.

The ‘EAD’ CBSE Sample Papers series is a compilation of questions and answers that are categorised into an Easy, Average and Difficult format so that users can build up their knowledge in a graded way. The ‘CBSE Pariksha’ papers give sample papers based on the lines of the pre Board and Board examinations, giving students ample opportunities to develop their answering skills in the subject, making their preparatory effort exam-oriented and on the right track.

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