How can you study at home amidst this pandemic situation all around?

While you study at home, you enjoy some privileges like a comfy study zone and independent studying pace. However, some things at home can make studying problematic, like digital distractions can easily get you off track. Thankfully, if you have the LATEST Together with ICSE Study Material for Class 9, things can be quite easy for you! To make the most of your study time at home, we have come up with some tried and tested tips in this blog post. Engage them in your everyday study schedule and score your dreamt marks in the ICSE exams easily! 

Active Study System 

By active study, we mean a simple system of putting up questions to yourself before, during and after studying through the most relevant study material for your subjects like Together with Chemistry study material 9th. Such questions would help you to be regular and sincere towards your studies at home, and you do better every time.

Such questions revolve around: 

  • What am I going to learn?
  • How much shall I cover today?
  • Have I understood what I have just read?
  • Can I write what I’ve learnt in my language? 
  • Which topics do I need to revise again?

Get a Sound Sleep

When you’re at home, you often spin your daily schedules like you begin studying till late night, waking up late in the morning, ignoring daily exercise, etc. Do not do so. In fact, try to follow the same old daily routine which you used to follow when there wasn’t any pandemic. Wake up early, exercise, study closest to your school time and finally sleep at the right time (around 10 at night) and for the ideal time (about 8 hours). Sleeping well has a direct impact on your physical and mental well-being. So sleep well and keep studying your subjects through the latest Together with ICSE Study Material for Class 9.

Choose the Perfect Study Zone 

Your best study area can be a balcony too! What we mean here is to select an area where you can study the most and to the best. It can be your living room, bedroom, terrace or even a lobby!! Just ensure that your chosen area can yield the best output and has enough space to keep books, water bottle and some light snacks. Then what? Buck up and finish your daily target through ideal books like Together with Chemistry study material 9th, Together with Mathematics study material, etc. 

Health comes First 

Undoubtedly yes! Eat healthily and at regular intervals. Remember, your stomach needs fuel that is passed on to your brain and body. So, ensure healthy eating with lots of fluid, vegetables and fruits. When you stay healthy, you study better. And yes, buy online Together with ICSE book for class 9 for sure and be a pro! 

Follow the Timetable Sincerely 

Do not just make a timetable and hang it on your room wall. Follow it sincerely and with full dedication to complete each and every task within the stipulated time. Only then can you make your day worthy! Quite evidently, your timetable must have study time through the most trustworthy books like the updated Together with ICSE Study Material for Class 9 and must include some time for exercise, meditation and short breaks. All such activities rejuvenate your mind and body and you usually come back to studies enthusiastically.

With so many highly effective study tips, your ‘study at home’ with the latest ICSE Study Material for Class 9 like Chemistry study material 9th is definitely going to be productive and perky. 

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Good luck!  

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