How to Adjust Your School Studies to This New Normal?

In the current pandemic scenario, most of the schools have adopted online classes from traditional in-person classes. And why not? The critical time demands this. As a student, it is not so easy to accept studying at home as the new normal due to COVID-19.

Studying at home is a mission. When you find yourself surrounded by your family members, digital distractions and your bed, it is tough to follow a strict schedule to study and learn your subjects through the best books like ICSE board computer application book for class 10. But, you have to do it determinedly to score excellent marks in the exams and shape your future. Latest books like Together with Computer application study material for class 10 are a good help in these not-so-good days.

To help you manage this difficult situation composedly, this blog post tells some awesome habits that you must include in your everyday routine and see the difference yourself.

To begin with, build a routine

Develop a healthy routine instead of being a lazy bee throughout the day. Add daily exercise, meditation, bathing and dressing up, nap time, etc. in this routine. When you have a stable routine, you usually stay fresh and rejuvenated to study sincerely with the help of awesome books like the updated Together with ICSE computer application book for class 10.

Choose a committed study zone

The place you choose for studying and attending online classes at home should be the same. Make sure that there is a physical boundary between your study zone and leisure area. This will help you to stay focused on learning your subject and concentrate well in your online learning sessions. Leave your academic thoughts in this zone while you leave the area to relax.

Attend online classes regularly

So you turn on the online class and keep the camera off? So unfair! You need to be loyal to your online school classes as they’re equally helpful as studying and practicing your subjects through the latest ICSE computer application book for class 10. Make notes of the important points discussed by your teacher during the online class. Compare these notes with the content given in the ICSE computer application book for class 10 as you might have missed some important ones in the class. Add whatever is missed.

Keep practicing what you study in the class

Regular practice of what has been taught in the online class is crucial to fix it up in your mind. So buy and practice through the 2021-22 edition of Rachna Sagar books like Together with Computer application study material for class 10 and practice the pool of questions given with the accurate solutions in such books.

Never miss to socialize

Hold on. Do not move out of your home to socialize. You need to socialize differently amidst the ongoing pandemic situation. Make a call to your bestie and have some fun talk. Talk to your family and make it a healthy and entertaining one! Coming on social media (Facebook, Insta, etc.) is okay for a while. Video chats are also good to go for. Socializing refrains your mind from getting overstressed and that’s your ultimate motto. Yeah?  

Eat well, sleep well & do not be a multitasker

Maintain a healthy diet including healthy snacks during the study breaks. Take an ideal sleep of 7-8 hours every night (not in the day!). And yes, avoid being a multitasker…remember that you’re not on a secret mission. Your sole target is to score very well in the ICSE exams and nothing else. So why study and eat at one time? Why exercise and chat at one time? Rather, make a schedule wherein you need to focus on one thing at a time.

Let your studies at home become more meaningful with these tips and dedicated practice through the all-time popular books like Together with Computer application study material for class 10.

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Good luck!

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