How to do Stress-free preparation for CBSE Term 2 Board Exams

A student’s life is always thrilling. Young learners sometimes unaware of their caliber, sink into exam-related worries. They keep on jumping from one pod to another. Sometimes, for fun and sometimes due to the high tides of thoughts hovering over their brain. Learning, in a student’s life, brings a lot of challenges along. CBSE Term 2 Board Exams Choosing the good school, opting for the most suitable stream. Then choose the most appropriate book and after all this, the final stage comes – EXAMS.

Exams have always been considered a very important aspect of the academic session. Indeed, they are. The assessment tells what the learner has perceived so far. Approaching CBSE Board exams brings tension, exam stress, and anxiety, etc. to the surface. Overcoming them with preparedness is all that is needed by the students. As it is said:

“There is no point in fighting the tide.

It ebbs. It flows. We should learn to ride it.”

Don’t let the stress impact your exam performance. Boost your potential and fly as high as a kite. Implement the following steps to do Stress-free preparation for CBSE Board Exams.

  • Time Management

 Strategizing exam preparation is the key point to attaining excellent scores in CBSE Term 2 exams. To make your study stressful- free ensure that you do the preparation the right way make a study timetable is essential. Plan your study in advance this will enable you to know how much of the syllabus you need to cover, and will leave some extra time to you for recapitulation as well. A well-planned preparatory schedule helps to ensure that the most important elements fit into the left time period.

  • Breathing & Stretching

The easiest way to release tension or any sort of discomfort while studying is to practice Breathing techniques. Taking deliberate deep breaths and stretching the body doesn’t only calm the mind, but also slow breaths. Resulted to which, the body undergoes a relaxation response: the heart rate slows, muscles relax, and blood pressure drops. This will also help relieve muscle tension, increase circulation, and focus your brain. Ultimately the uneasiness in the body gets released.

  • Take breaks 

Make sure you factor in breaks and relaxing activities too, and be sure to mix it up so you don’t spend all day cramming on the same subject – you’ll just get bored! It’s important to take a break from sitting at your desk. Not only will it keep you relaxed and alert, but it’ll also help you sleep better, too – all of which leads to more effective studying and exam performance. Research shows that being outside lowers stress levels, even after just five minutes in the open air. Study breaks are needed to immediately feel less anxious and more clear-headed.

  • Cut out distractions

 No, denying that Social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter provide us information, but still at times, it could be distracting while studying. Research has revealed that they can make us feel stressed or experience ‘FOMO’ (fear of missing out). Completely avoiding social media, if only for a couple of hours, will aid your focus and prevent you from getting lost in the trending posts. Besides, why would you want to look at photographs of your friends enjoying their free time while you are supposed to be studying for your upcoming exams? Have a digital detox and you’ll be sure to have a positive study session with less procrastination!

  • Set study goals

“The human brain is only able to maintain true focus for around 45 minutes before it begins to lose steam.”

Considering this, there is no point to sit for long hours to study. Prepare for your Board exams, and set short goals to be achieved, to yield long-term results. For instance, choose a topic, set a goal for it to be covered/practiced in a destined time, say, 30 minutes, complete the topic, stretch then move ahead. Studying uninterrupted for long hours can turn a person into a ball of stress.

  • Reward yourself

‘Any achievement is incomplete without celebrations.’

After achieving your study goal successfully, reward yourself. A small nap, your favorite cookie/chocolate, or anything you like. Just reward yourself the way you like after the completion of your study goals. This is an ongoing process.

This way you feel more enthusiastic to reach the destination of your next aim as well. Make yourself feel that you are doing well, your efforts matter and are fruitful. Believe that you have done a fantastic job!

Self-love and self-reward go a long way

  • Eat, but not as a treat

Take your meals on time so that you can concentrate on your studies as hunger is one of the biggest distractions. Choose your eatables according to the impact they would leave on you, not according to the taste. If you are feeling overwhelmed while staring at your revision notes, consuming food and drinks that are high in sugar or caffeine will only heighten your stress. Instead, make sure you are putting healthy food into your body, which will help you stay calm and hopefully boost your brainpower, too. Some of the best (and tastiest) mood-boosting snacks include blueberries, dark chocolate, and pistachio nuts. Of course, eating too much of anything will make you feel lethargic and off-form – so eat in moderation. 

‘A healthy mind lives in a healthy body

  • Make bedtime a priority

 This one isn’t as easy as it seems. Going to bed at roughly the same time every night is a fail-safe way to improve the quality of your sleep. Having a bedtime routine is also advised so that the body knows it is about to go to sleep and will relax in preparation. Turn off all electronic devices at least half an hour before sleeping and don’t try to study from your bed. There are also a few studies that advocate the benefits of napping during the day. If you need a quick recharge, try and grab a quick 20-minute power nap – for some people sleeping longer than that makes waking up difficult and can make them feel groggy.

To bring a bloom of confidence, ensure you get only the best study material for exam preparation.

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Now your preparation for the exams is stress-free and optimal.


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