How to remove nervousness before exams ?

The one sign of growing up is to give tests which will then promote you to the next class. These tests are known as Final Examinations and your parents and teachers are preparing you for them. Here are some tips to remove nervousness before exams.To come out a champion in the Final Examinations, here are a few secrets that you must know. You have studied all that will be asked in these tests and there will not be anything new or surprising for you in the test. When you get the paper for the test, read it carefully and try and remember what you have learnt. Sure enough! You will know the answers. So answer the tests like a true Champion.

Sometimes you may feel nervous about a test. At that time, go and tell your mother and father or teacher about how you are feeling. They can help you overcome that nervous feeling.

At the same time, you must listen to your parents and teachers during this time. If they ask you to go to bed early, you must obey them. If your mother asks you to eat something you don’t like much, you should try and listen to her. You must also play with your friends and not study all the time.

Now coming to lessons, even if you know every lesson, you have to revise it. You must also write your answers and solve your sums in a neat way. Keep your test paper looking very neat. Take along an extra pencil and rubber with you for the test. Also, remember to sharpen your pencil the night before the test.

When you are given the test paper by your teacher, do not try to exchange what you know and don’t know, with your friends. Read everything written in the paper. Ask your teacher if you cannot follow something that you have been asked. Do not speak to your friend during the test, because your teacher may not like that.

When your teacher tells you that there are only a few minutes left to submit your paper, begin to revise what you have written so that there are no mistakes in your paper.

If you follow the rules of the TEST GAME, you will surely come out BEST and get promoted to a new class. How exciting is that?

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