Latest Revised Addition of Together With Books as per Latest CBSE Curricula 2019-20

The CBSE in its role as the policy-making body for the Secondary and Senior Secondary Classes, keeps schools and students informed about the syllabus and pattern of examination papers for the forthcoming session well in advance of the new session. In keeping with this policy, on 30th March, 2019, the CBSE published online syllabus of study for all subjects for the Secondary and Senior Secondary Classes from Class 9-12. 

The most notable change implemented is in the pattern of questions to be asked at the CBSE Board Examinations for students appearing for the Board Examinations in 2020. What is to be noted is that the pattern of the questions is completely overhauled. Stress has been given to Objective-type Questions by allocating 20 marks for the same, in each subject.

In addition, there are changes in the courses of study in various subjects. In Class 10, the Language and Literature segment in English is made compulsory for all, in place of a separate Communicative English option that could be availed of, by students. Novels for general studies have been deleted from the Class X syllabus. In lieu of that, an extra question from the prescribed text has been included.

For students in Class XII, the five chapters that had been deleted from  the course from the prescribed textbook ( Flamingo and Vistas) have been  introduced once again. 

Noteworthy changes have also been made in the Economics syllabus for Class XII. The introductory segment on Micro Economics has been replaced by NCERT textbook ’Indian Economic Development’. 

In the way of new textbooks for students, a new textbook in Sanskrit, an NCERT publication titled ‘Shemushi’, has been introduced for Class X students. 

In the subject of Computer Science, students now have an entirely new course of study. Also, the subject has been made a compulsory one for all students, from this session.

An encouraging aspect to all the above changes and adjustments is that RSPL has already produced study material for all subjects, according to the latest guidelines and changes in the syllabi, for all classes, so that students have access to proper study material available at hand.

You are thus advised to ask your bookseller to give you the latest editions and revised course material from Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd, that has been prepared according to the latest guidelines of the CBSE.

We wish all students a very happy and informed start to the academic year ahead.

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