Mainstreaming Health and Physical Education Book for Class 9-12


• Health and Physical Education is concerned with total health of the learner and the community. Besides physical health, it includes mental and emotional health of the learners.

• The aim of Mainstreaming Health and Physical Education is to enable the student to attain an optimum state of health.

• A comprehensive view of Health and Physical Education includes and encompasses the three areas of Health Education, Physical Education and Yoga as integral to achieving holistic health (physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual).

• At the Secondary level acquisition of the habits of healthy living and participation in games and sports and athletics for neuromuscular  coordination  and physical fitness are the aims which should be taken care of while  developing any syllabus of Health and Physical Education.

• While at the Senior Secondary level, through the integrated PE approach, students will acquire the knowledge, skills, right attitudes and values towards the pursuit of a lifelong physically active and healthy lifestyle.


•To develop awareness regarding the importance of physical fitness in individual and social life including Life Skills.

• To develop interest in exercise, sports and games for self-satisfaction and make it a part of life.

• To inculcate values and skills in children in order to promote self-control, concentration, peace and relaxation to avoid the ill effects of stress, strain and fatigue of routine everyday life.

• To address the physical, psycho-social needs of CWSN (Children with Special Needs) in an integrated fashion.

• To help release of emotional stress, anxiety and tension, leading to a reduced risk of depression.

• To develop more positive attitude towards challenges, winning and losing, thus preparing students for life and for the workplace.

• To develop awareness of the importance of self-defence.

Mainstreaming Health & Physical Education

• Mainstreaming would require the coming together of the Class Teacher, Physical Education teacher and teachers of other disciplines.

• It will be mandatory for the school to upload a report of work accomplished across the strands of grade X and XII in the prescribed manner, for enabling students to sit for the Board exam.

• The following subjects of internal assessment are being subsumed in Health and Physical Education from session 2018-19 onwards:

 Class IX-X 

(i) Work Education (500)

(ii) Health and Physical Education (506)

Class XI-XII

(i) Work Experience (500)

(ii) Physical and Health Education (502)

Four Strands

• The new format of HPE envisions that each student will undertake activities categorized under four strands.

• From Strand 1, at least one activity is to be taken up by each student as a class or as an individual. The choice will be left to the students and the class teacher will facilitate each child to decide, based upon the sports facilities available at the school. Schools are encouraged to provide more options by adding to the infrastructure each year.

• Children are free to choose more than one activity from strand 1, as long as the school sports infrastructure supports it.

• Children are also free to change their choices during the course of a year. 

• The class teacher shall also guide and facilitate strand 3 and strand 4.

• In the absence of a sports/games teacher, the class teacher may facilitate strand 1 and 2 also and ensure that all children participate in the games/sports of their choice.

• A class as a whole could be encouraged to take up any one team game and/or invasion game, by delineating the role of each student of the class. Roles should be decided by students among themselves. Roles could include player, captain, umpire, cheer leaders, commentators, event manager, coach, organizers, reporters for school magazines, etc.

• The Board will be inspecting records for Strand 1 and 2 such as attendance and participation by all students. Evidences such as Portfolios, Journals, Essays, Video recordings, etc. in case of SEWA may be kept ready for scrutiny by the CBSE at any time during the year.

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