Together with Peek a boo Art and Craft Magic for classes LKG & UKG

Peek a boo Art and Craft Magic

Level A, B and C

Peek-A-Boo Art and Craft Magic-B

Salient features of Peek a boo Art and Craft Magic Classes (LKG and UKG)

1. Introductory rhyme titled ‘Peek-a-boo‘ co-relates the title theme of the book with animation and to boost up the interest of the child for reading the book.
2. Self-doing activities designed by an expert team leads the children to the wonder world of art and creativity.
3. Step-by-step art learning, joining dots, tracing, drawing lines, assembling, geometrical figures, etc. is introduced.
4. Usage of white crayons, white pencil colours and white poster colours is taught which is generally overlooked.
5. Includes various colouring techniques based on a vast classroom experience.
6. Numerous magical animations, 3D activities and different art materials of child’s interest will take the child to an unbelievable journey of imagination which is the essence of art.
7. Colouring work in some figures is guided by the outline drawn in each figure with the same colour, making it easier for the children to fill the colours and in some figures we want the child’s creativity to be enhanced so that the child can fill the colour of his/her choices.
8. A large variety of activities like Easy to draw, Clay modeling, Tear and paste, Games etc have been included to make the series interesting.
9. Maximum material is provided in the material board attached in the book. So there is no need to purchase any material for doing an activity.
10. We have avoided giving activities based on food wastage like ladies fingers printing, dal pasting, tea leaves pasting and vegetable block painting.
11. An Audio-Visual CD and Web Support will also be provided to the teachers

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