Released ‘Together with’ CBSE Previous 10+ Years’ Question Bank

Rachna Sagar has been at the forefront of education since last 26 years and is striving to provide the best books to its learners. Being an educational publisher the availability of these books on time is equally important.‘Together with’ CBSE Previous

Amidst the big announcement by CBSE to conduct the Board Exams 2023 for Class 10 & 12 as per the previous annual exam cycle. The students need to be more focused on their performance in exams for the Academic session 2022-23. The Board examination syllabus has already been released and by this time of the year, a student should be well versed with almost 50% of the syllabus. Rachna Sagar has recently released ‘Together with’ CBSE Previous 10+ Years’ Question Bank for Grades 10 & 12 to put the situation at ease and making the practice for Board Exams 2022-23 more interactive.

The search for the best exam preparation book ends at a practice material which has Chapter wise solved questions. Practicing previous year questions for Class 10 & 12 makes the students more confident to appear for CBSE Board Exams 2023. Attempting previous years’ papers give an experience of the types of questions that could appear in board exam question paper.

“Being acquainted means being prepared”

The CBSE Together with’ class 10 & 12 Previous 10+ years’ question bank has been designed as an indispensable tool for prospective students intending to appear for the CBSE Board Examination in 2022-2023, and onwards. The aim of this Question Bank is to familiarize students with the pattern and techniques of solving answers for the Board examination. It is based on the latest syllabus issued by CBSE for session 2022-23. The best Question Bank for Board exam preparation also includes Latest Examination Paper. These CBSE based exam preparation books for Grades 12 & 10 includes previous year questions, Chapter wise solved questions arranged in both year-wise and mark-wise for previous 10 year question paper. The answers given in this question bank are absolutely authentic, written in accordance with the directives in the marking scheme, as suggested by the CBSE.

The effort has been made on the presentation of the answers of this question bank, which is exactly as per the marking scheme suggested by the CBSE.


→ Part 1 of the compilation contains Questions and Solutions of previous years’ papers set by the CBSE chapter-wise, barring those questions that have become redundant with the changes in syllabi over the years.

→ Part 2 contains each type of questioning pattern including objective type questions.

→ Part 3 is a full-fledged Mock Paper as a means of final cross-checking of one’s preparation.

The exemplary features make Previous 10+ Years’ question bank distinctive and also the Top choice of all the students who aim to crack the exams and get best results in EXAMS. Answers to it can be sourced from our website

Grab the copy of best Previous Years’ Question Bank from & get tickled pink with your Board results.

Happy Learning!

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