Together With Peek a boo EVS Magic Classes for LKG and UKG

Peek-a-boo EVS Magic

Level A and B

Peek-a-boo EVS Magic A
Peek-a-boo EVS Magic B

Salient features of Peek A Boo EVS Magic Classes (LKG and UKG)

1. Introductory rhyme titled ‘Peek-a-boo‘ co-relates the title theme of the book with animation and to boost up the interest of the child for reading the book.

2. The books are divided into various themes which connect directly and indirectly to the child’s environment.

3. Each theme opens with a centre spread page which features each component connected to that particular theme.

4. The books aim at developing awareness in children about their environment through beautiful, illustrations and engaging activities.

5. A question corner is given on each centre spread page. It consists of simple questions that can be used for introducing the theme in class.

6. Colouring activities and sticker-pasting activities are given throughout the book.

7. The books work towards promoting an all-around development of the children by focusing on a holistic approach towards learning.

8. Following will also be provided to the teachers.

  • CD,
  • Practice Worksheets,
  • Educational Games,
  • Classroom Charts,
  • Subject Charts,
  • Motivational Stickers,
  • Teaching Methodology,
  • Web support

9.Educational Games

  • Visit to the Jungle
  • Vegetable Party + Fruit Fiesta
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