Together with Peek a boo Math Magic for classes LKG & UKG

Peek-a-boo Math Magic

Level A, B, C

Peek-A-Boo Maths Magic-A

Peek A Boo – Math Magic A

Peek A Boo – Math Magic B

Peek A Boo – Math Magic C

Salient features of Peek a boo Math Magic Class LKG and UKG 

1. Introductory rhyme titled ‘Peek-a-boo math magic‘ co-relates the title theme of the book with animation and to boost up the interest of the child for reading the book.

2. This series is specially designed for the young mathematicians of today’s fast challenging world.

3. Tracing of the patterns and numbers which helps to write and recognise the numbers, curves and patterns easily.

4. Pre-number concepts are taught with the help of big and colourful illustration so that child can easily grasp the concept.

5. Number formation through dot pattern and steps to learn easily and quickly.

6. Exercises and Activities to enhance the knowledge of the topic being taught.

7. Teaching through rhymes to make the topic interesting.

8.Introduction of basic shapes which a student observe in his/her day-to-day life.

9. Stickers and colouring activities to increase creativity skills.

10. Illustrations taken from child’s immediate environment to facilitate the process of drawing out what the child already knows and help to relate real life situations.

11. Three Writing booklets (Free) along with textbooks for more practising and learning of number formation and patterns.

12. Following will also be provided for the teachers:

  • CD,
  • Practice Worksheets,
  • Educational Games,
  • Classroom Charts,
  • Subject Charts,
  • Motivational Stickers,
  • Teaching Methodology,
  • Subject calendars,
  • Story Cards,
  • Web support

13. Educational Games

  • My First Numbers
  • The Games of Numbers
  • Team up with Numbers
  • Garden of Math

14. Augmented Reality has been also provided.

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