Together with Peek-a-boo for Pre-primary Nursery Books

Peek-a-boo-pre-primary-nurseryTogether With Peek a boo for Pre-primary Nursery Art and Craft Magic A Book 

with material kit and fun and includes activities designed by experts that lead the children to the world of art and creativity. A wide range of activities like dot joining, drawing, colouring, tearing and pasting, clay modeling, etc are given. Craft, 3D, painting and many more activities are included to take the child to an amazing journey of imagination.

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Together With Peek-a-boo for Pre-Primary Nursery Math Magic A & Math Magic Writing Booklet 1 to 20  

strictly conforms to the vision and meets the requirement of the beginners for learning mathematics. This creates a environment which makes it possible for the learners to enjoy Math. In Peek-a-boo, the elementary concepts of mathematics such as lines, curved lines, pre number concepts through colouring and sticker pasting, counting, reading, tracing and writing numbers and number order are introduced to the beginners through well graded and beautiful activities. The sequence of the concepts has been developed with a sense and is logical. Space for writing is greatly emphasised. The book is designed with beautiful and existing activities, which helps to develop the problem solving, reasoning and numerical skill of the children. Each page is featured with highly visualised activities of number skill which gives children a confidence in learning mathematics.

Its salient features are: Along with these Books, CD, Web support Flip Book, Augmented Reality Maths_Magic_A have also been provided.

This book makes the learning of mathematics effective, purposeful and joyful both for learners and teachers.

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Together With Peek-a-boo for Pre-Primary Nursery English Magic Rhyme Book A English Magic A Alphabet Recognition with Picture Dictionary

the children studying in Pre-Primary Classes is designed to familiarise them to the rhythm and melody of English rhymes and much more through activities. It caters to the multiple intelligence of pre-primary learners. The continuous practice in the rhyme books will help children remember thing in the classroom for a long time as rhyming helps children take note of the sounds within words.

The series is child-friendly and child-centric that follows a fun-filled play way approach. The premise behind creating such fun books is that children cannot be made to learn unless an environment is created for learning to happen, The books include of playful activities and forms of visual exercises that excite the children and capture his/her interest.

Its salient features are: Along with these Books, CD, Web support Flip Book, Augmented Reality English_Rhymes_A & Augmented Reality English_Magic_A have also been provided.

The series, set of complete rhyme books is packed with content, activities and technique to generate the learner’s interest in English language right from the early years of childhood. We have tried to adopt a holistic approach and hope that the series will serve the purpose that is meant for. Suggestions of any kind for the improvement are always welcome!
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Together With Peek a boo for Pre-primary Nursery Hindi Magic A Varnmala Gyan  and Hindi Magic Jadui Sargam A Book 

that are structured to acquaint the learner with the letters of the Hindi alphabet. The learner is first introduced to the sounds of the letters through a visual-verbal contact with the letter. This ensures that the learner associates with the phonetic sound which helps him/her to identify with the letter when forming words and further reading, at a later stage. Recognition and Pronunciation of the letter is the step ahead where the visual recall of the letters becomes a source of achievement for the child learner as he/she spots the letters in his/her surroundings. The sounds that the letters make are presented through catchy rhymes and songs that the learner enjoys repeating as a joint activity or individual recreation.

Together With Peek a boo for Pre-primary Nursery Hindi Magic A Varnmala Gyan  and Hindi Magic Jadui Sargam A Book Nursery has adopted a step-wise graded development in learning, so that every letter learning is suitably reinforced before going to the next stage. Every effort has been made to link the learning programme through a graded system of advancement. Also, an assortment of verses that can be repeated, for each a letter, keeps learner interest buoyant. The rhymes chosen to enhance letter learning reflect situations and items in the learner’s immediate environment. As a follow up of the elementary familiarizing with the letters, the vowel sounds are introduced through the play-way method. This adds to the flexible ambit of letters learning and makes the exercise fun-filled.

Together With Peek a boo for Pre-primary Nursery Hindi Magic A Varnmala Gyan  and Hindi Magic Jadui Sargam A Book, The crossover from verbal learning to letter writing is also presented in a graduated manner so that the learner acquires the right grip and visual connect when writing letters. Also, the letter formation is appropriately outlined for easy practice in writing. To add joy to the learning process and make it a fun way of acquiring letter basics, the series is supported by a variety of activity-based inclusions. There are sticker pasting exercises for finger-eye coordination that are spaced out with each letter exercise. The series provides plenty of scope for different kind of activities.

Its salient features are: Along with these Books, CD, Web support Flip Book, Augmented Reality Hindi_Jadui_Sargam_A & Augmented Reality   Hindi_Magic_A have also been provided.

Above all, the series intends to make a child’s day memorable so that he/she is eager to return back the next day and face fresh challenges at his/her own pace and inclination. To practice writing, ample space has been provided in the form of complimentary free writing booklets. Separate writing booklets are also available for convenience of teachers and students.

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Together With Peek a boo series books (for Pre-primary Nursery) are available.

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