Which is better, ‘Together with’ Question Bank or ‘Together with’ Sample Papers?

Amidst the increasing pressure to do well in CBSE Board Exams 2023, it has been observed that increased stress and anxiety in students, leading to poor physical, social and emotional health. Academic Excellence via ‘Together with’ Question Bank is the ultimate set of one’s sight (aim). The ambitious goals that students set for themselves to fulfill the expectations placed on them by society at large demands great efforts. Supporting the mentors and learners both Rachna Sagar strives to bring 100% authentic content to ensure greater success in CBSE Board Exams.

In the first instance, ‘Together with’ CBSE Question Banks for Class 9 to 12 for all subjects were released, Previous 10+ Years’ Question Banks Class 10 & Class 12 followed the series of best reference books for Board exam preparation for the Academic Session 2022-23. Last but not the least, Latest Edition of ‘Together with’ 15+1 CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 & Class 10 have been released to prepare for CBSE Board Exams 2023. When you are getting the best reference books for Board exam preparation, you’ve got to grab it and start practicing.

‘Together with’ CBSE Question Bank

‘Together with’ Solved CBSE Question Bank for Classes 9 to 12 have been prepared as per the CBSE latest syllabus for Academic Session 2022-23. Chapter wise Question Bank provide in depth knowledge of concept based questions have been given as per their weightage. Solved Question Bank encompasses Previous Years’ Questions, Short/Long Answer Type Questions, Integrated Exercises, NCERT Questions & workbook questions & much more. Best reference books come with CBSE pattern based Practice Papers with answers have also been given as Exam Oriented Prep Tools to achieve remarkable Results.

‘Together with’ 15+1 CBSE Sample Papers

Rachna Sagar’s latest edition of ‘Together with’ 15+ 1 CBSE Sample Papers 2023 (EAD) for Class 10 & 12 are 100% based on CBSE Sample Paper (released on September 16th, 2022) for board exams 2023. It is the perfect step by step practice material to assist the students with the right practice and approach to prepare for CBSE Board Exams 2023.

This top exam preparation book includes Solved Latest CBSE Sample Paper released on 16 Sept’22; 9 Sample Question Papers based on Easy, Average & Difficult (EAD) levels of questions. Class 12 Sample Paper 2023 includes 5 Pre-Board Papers for practice (2 solved, 3 self-practice unsolved papers), 1 Mock Paper based on CBSE Pattern to give final punch to preparation. It comprises Case-based Questions and Objective Questions for all solved sample papers. ‘Together with’ Class 12 Sample Paper 2023 prepared as per CBSE Marking Scheme are best to practice for Self-evaluation and to gauge the exam readiness. The latest edition of ‘Together with’ Chemistry 15+ 1 CBSE Sample Papers 2023 Class 10 & 12 give different typologies of questions from 1000+ concepts for 2023 Board Sample Question Paper analysis.

Juxtaposition of the 2 series

Together with’ Solved CBSE Question Bank for all subjects are Chapter-wise Question Banks intended to provide all of the anticipated questions that are expected to appear in the exam question paper. It includes practice papers to give a rigorous practice of the conceptual learning.
Together with’ 15+1 CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 & Class 10 brings the easy, average and difficult level of questions to ensure the practice proceeding in a chronological order, raising the bars of difficulty level and preparatory stages along.
Setting forth any of these to be better or best is not justifiable at all. Both are equally important serving different paramount to lead our learners to the Success filled brighter future. To know more about our Top notch exam preparation books, visit www.rachnasagar.in

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