Why it is important to face competition in the board exams?

The most popular adverb addressed to the animal kingdom is– Survival of the fittest, meaning a life competition in which the most powerful and fastest animal survives. However, when we talk about humans, we often take competition among children in a negative approach, especially academic competition. As per several renowned scholars, academic competition is essential among students. In fact, several studies have proved that competition in exams improves one’s performance and caliber to deal with varied situations.

Academically, board exams hold great importance in student’s life and this is the reason that students do not leave any stone unturned to score well. May they be CBSE previous 10 years question bank, study material or sample papers, board students are practicing from almost every possible resource at the moment. All these efforts indicate the rising competition in exams. So come, let’s have a look at the key life lessons that the board exam competition teaches us.

Strength from a loss

Losing a competition for the very first time can be too disheartening for a child. Here, guardians need to guide children about the momentary hurt and frustration that comes with loss. As soon as the child gets over these feelings, he would work harder to succeed next time. In short, the loss will indirectly motivate children and whether it is an academic or life exam, they would be able to deal with the situation with dedicated hard work and patience. All thanks to the first defeat that taught the child how to pass every test brightly!

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Respectful winning

Competitions also instill the quality of admiring the fellow contestants. Getting excellent board exam result generously by studying through CBSE previous 10 years question bank is the best win! Children learn how to win with grace, respect their competitors and enjoy every situation with a positive spirit. Moreover, a competition like board exams teaches children that winning or losing is secondary, while sportsmanship is primary. So one must not lose his cool when left behind and must not fly high when succeeds. And yes, one must continue practicing the subjects regularly through CBSE previous 10+ years question bank that gives a clear vision of the CBSE board exam.

Brings the best

Competition assists the children to work and get the best outcomes. For example, to excel in the board exams, students try their best and practice a lot through practice material like CBSE question bank 2021 and sample papers. Hence, the competition in our education system brings out the best in students and makes them mentally strong.

Life teachers

While giving CBSE board exams, students often get confused or stuck with a particular question/answer. They need to handle the situation on their own. In the same way, they have to handle several critical situations independently. Hence, exams and competitions are life teachers. They teach us to be independent and take decisions on our own. These decisions can be wrong once or twice, but not always. Taking correct decisions will be your victory, only yours! So practice a lot for the board exams through ideal CBSE previous 10+ years question bank, and no looking back then.

All said above, studying rationally through CBSE previous 10 years question bank and understanding these important lessons of healthy competition would let you stay ahead in the board exams, and other competitions too.

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