How to prepare for New Academic Year right from the Beginning

There are numerous questions in the mid of students, right from the beginning of new session. Doesn’t matter in which class the student is or has been promoted, the educators/parents and students will remain in search only.  How to choose the best reference books, the best way to achieve good scores, strategy to prepare for forthcoming exams, searching for the appropriate strategy to make the best of the year ahead. Active participation in extracurricular activities along with studies is always recommended. Here are a few tips that students can follow right from the beginning to evolve as an Academic Achiever by the end of the Academic Session.  

  1. Adaptive Study Plans

Don’t go overboard while trying to make maximum progress at earliest possible time. We are well aware of our capabilities, hence make realistic study plans. Be real and aware of study pace with which you can grasp the concepts easily.

  • Leave some space for upgrading

Students must be free and open to the prospect of changing their own self. If you feel that this is the year for you to shine, be informed that you can and you will. When it’s about academics, be less concerned about the proficiency as Rachna Sagar has got you all covered. Build your conceptual framework towards success and beyond with the help of wide range of study material for Pre-Nursery to Class 12 students including workbooks, textbooks, activity books, worksheets, sample papers, Previous Years’ Question Bank etc. for students.

  • Make easy to be followed Rules

The rules that you make for yourself must have elements of self-approval. Don’t go for something you yourself cannot achieve. Set realistic goals and achievable rules. Do not set the bar up to high that it becomes impossible to achieve it. 

  • Ensure Consistency

The students are requested to maintain utmost care regarding the maintenance of a daily routine. Instead of catching up on a single day they are required to do bits of consistent efforts each day. The more they do the less pressure they will feel during the exams for the Academic Session.

  • Develop Interest

When you read about something that you admire in depth, it creates interest. Interest in what you are doing will develop gradually as you transform through the process of ‘this is new’ to ‘I already know what this is’.  The more keen you get on knowing what this is, the better you will at explaining what this is.

Refer to the ‘Together with’ series of books for Pre-Nursery to Grade 12 to achieve Academic Excellence.

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