How to utilize Digital Learning Resources using CUET Online Portal effectively?

“Confusion of goals and perfection of means seems, in my opinion, to characterize our age.” –Albert Einstein

Confusion often helps in reaching a conclusion. If you feel confused about using the Internet for Learning Purposes, odds are there, that you might find the right track. Getting information on how to use a resource is the most important step in utilizing it to the fullest. The Internet has brought an evolution to the world of education. The Internet has given a turn to the tedious process of digging nose inside books for the subsequent gathering of information, for the good. The students can now access whatever they need, within a fraction of a second through the CUET Online Portal. All thanks to technological advancements.

The facility has also been chosen to conduct many Computer Based Tests online. CUET UG Exam conducted for UG and PG courses in India in the last few years has now become compulsory. Here are some simple tips and tricks that the student must follow in order to study to ace one of the biggest National level Entrance Exams.

  1. Information Awareness

The student must be able to distinguish between information that is required by them for their purpose of study and the information that lies in the domain of general awareness. Sources available on the internet are wide and so is their scope. However, the intention of the readers matters the most. Choosing the best information-providing facility narrows down the outlook of students. CUET online Portal launched by Rachna Sagar provides CUET Chapter wise Online Mock Test for the students which strictly follows the guidelines issued by NTA, the Exam conducting body.

  • Reliability of the Source

Preparing for Entrance exams may be tedious at times. Most of the time, students find themselves lost in the pool of information while finding authentic content.

When studying for a National level Entrance Exam, ensure that the sources you’ve chosen are providing content strictly based on the latest patterns and trends of the said examination. It increases the credibility of the source of information. CUET Practice Mock Tests available on the portal are based on the latest syllabus. Chapter-wise Quick Notes gives a quick revision of all the important terms and concepts.

  • Avoid looking at Multiple Places

Instead of hovering over the options, Search & find the best for yourself. Focus on developing conceptual understanding. A thorough revision of NCERT Textbooks is highly advised as it forms the foundations of preparation by ensuring concept recapitulation. The online Exam preparation portal includes CUET Subject wise Online Mock tests to help the students. Be vigilant about the fact that the internet must be used with a clear vision to get the maximum out of it. Its deliverables may divert users’ attention. Keep your requirements in mind, and restrict the knowledge.

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