The Complete Guide to Ace the History and Civics Class 10 Exam

Importance of History and Civics as a Subject

While the subject of history studies the human past, civics details the rights and responsibilities of citizenship and government. Knowing both these subjects is equally important to understand our society as a whole. In ICSE Class 10 Exam, the board includes several relevant topics that are a must to understand human life, its existence, and social importance.

Now the question is: How to become a top scorer in these two subjects for ICSE Board Exams?

Dear Learners,

As Semester 2 exams are approaching, it’s an additional goal to study for the class 10 ICSE exam without any guidance to choose the learning material. Don’t worry and stay positive. Firstly, trust your all-time true companion, that is, ‘Together with’ ICSE History study material for class 10 to comprehend all the relevant topics of these two subjects. This ICSE board history book for class 10 contains a lot of practice questions that would again improve your subject knowledge. Along with this best ICSE board history book for class 10, you must adhere to the below-given advice to score excellently in the ICSE exam.

Answer all the ‘Whys’

If you want to answer every history and civics question proficiently, keep answering all the whys. Whilst you’re busy concentrating on these subjects via the most influential and updated Together with ICSE history study material for class 10, keep reading your textbook too and understand the reason behind every story, partition, rule or law. Class 10 Exam You will reach to an excellent position to answer any question in the exam then. Try it and conquer all your subject woes!

Do not fear the size of the book. When you pick up your history textbook, do not get scared by the heaviness of the book. Keep referring to your textbook along with following the best ICSE History & Civics study material for class 10 and see the magical marks coming your way!

Go for placards or flashcards. These small and handy cards would help you a lot to learn new names, places, dates, etc. You can keep these cards for the final last-minute revision too. Isn’t it wonderful? To know how to make them, you can even take help from the digital world. Watch the related YouTube videos.

Additional knowledge always gives in better results. To ace the ICSE session for class 10 make a habit of reading newspapers and knowing additional historical and judicial components. Such short brainstorming sessions would yield marvelous results in the ICSE exam.

While you are learning these subjects, develop your written skills in such a way that you can define any term easily in your words.

‘One word lost and you lose the game’…so be careful!

About Your Exam Hall Behavior

Read the question paper carefully. Before starting to attempt the answers. Give preference to the easiest and most scoring ones first.

Write descriptive answers in sub-points and add maps or diagrams, wherever possible, as it reflects your knowledge & its presentation of course…

While attempting long answer-type questions, draft some pointers in the margin of your answer sheet.

Try to be specific while writing the answers. There is no plus marking for writing additional content in your answers that has nothing to do with the asked question.

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Place a quick online order of the 2021-22 edition of Together with History and civics book for class 10 by visiting NOW!

Good luck!

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