Rachna Sagar Unveils CBSE Sample Papers EAD for Class 10: A Comprehensive resource for 2024 Board Exam Preparation

New Delhi, 28 August,2023 — Rachna Sagar, a pioneering name in publishing educational books for Pre Nursery to Class 12, is pleased to announce the release of ‘Together with’ 15+1 CBSE Sample Papers EAD for Class 10 for 2024 examination. Class 10 Solved Sample Papers along with 2024 CBSE board exam pattern to help the students in their academic journey. The best practice material has been curated by experts who specialize in paper setting of Pre-Board and Board Examinations. The series has been meticulously crafted as per CBSE Circular No. 39/2023 and 45/2023. With approaching board exams, students across the nation find themselves immersed in preparation. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive resource to simulate actual exam environment, Together with Sample Papers Class 10 is poised to be a game-changer. ‘Together with’ CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers comprises three tiers of questions—Easy, Average, and Difficult—along with an invaluable Mock Test Paper, catering to the diverse range of learners

Rachna Sagar’s commitment to provide comprehensive exam preparation books is evident in the undermentioned exemplary features of the best reference book for Class 10.

  • Based on Easy, Average & Difficult level of Questions
  • CBSE Latest Sample Paper released on March 31, 2023
  • Latest Examination Paper 2023
  • 9 Sample Papers as per Easy, Average & Difficult levels
  • 4 Pre Board Papers based on CBSE Pattern
  • 1 Mock Test Paper
  • Competency Focused Questions
  • MCQs, Case-based/Source-based, Integrated Questions

Three Levels of Proficiency: Caters to Each Student’s Needs

‘Together with’ 15+1 CBSE Sample Papers EAD for Class 10 by Rachna Sagar is a testament to the organization’s dedication to inclusivity and accessibility. The best sample paper for Class 10 2023-24 board exam offers questions categorized into different levels of difficulty to make it suitable for the students of varying proficiencies. Each section comprises 3 Sample Papers to practice. The Easy section provides stronger foundation for fundamental concepts, the Average section promotes skill refinement, and difficult section presents intricate problems that stimulate critical thinking. ‘Together with’ EAD Sample Papers Class 10 also includes Latest Examination Paper 2023 for the students to be well-versed with the Board question paper pattern and the anticipated questions. Navigating the Latest Examination Paper 2023bridges the gap between preparation and performance as it grants an insight to the recent exam paper. This enables the students to align their preparation with current trends and hence fine-tune their strategies.

Mock Test Paper provided is meticulously designed to emulate the conditions of actual 2024 CBSE board exam to enhance students’ exam readiness, allowing them to gauge their strengths and areas for improvement. By acclimating students to the exam environment, the Mock Test Paper aims to alleviate anxiety and build confidence which is a crucial aspect of successful exam performance. Incorporating CBSE Sample Paper released on 31 March, 2023 and Class 10 Pre-Board Papers based on CBSE pattern, servesas the best resource with valuable tools for practiceas it offers a preview of the types of questions that might appear in the Class 10 board exams. CBSE Sample Papers 2024, in particular, reflects the latest trends and expectations, ensuring that students remain up-to-date to be exam ready.

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