How to find the best book for Class 10 to speed up CBSE Term 2 exam Preparations?

CBSE Class 10 Board Exams -the term in itself, is sufficient to make the students anxious. Student life is full of adversities and being a secondary/sr. best book for Class 10 the secondary student is exactly like having a roller coaster ride at its full speed. Lots of things to be considered, many things to be responsible for and above all their studies to be managed that too very well.

Now the question arises, HOW?

Yes, the guesses are right. The best book to be studied!!! There is no doubt in the fact that numerous books with many fascinating names are available around. Hold on, Read the first line again, we have asked only for the best. Students face a major struggle either in understanding complex concepts or while finding the most appropriate study material.

Education is an integral part of a student’s life and most of the discussions revolve around the books. The state of success is when you emerge out of this turmoil, with the best book.

Let’s go through the checklist to crown a study material as best, for CBSE Class 10 students.

1. Be cautious while choosing the best

CBSE TERM 2 exam pattern has been revised. So, should the book content be. Don’t accept what’s available, accept what you require. As a student, one may get confused about choosing the best out of the available one. Be familiar with the changes that have been announced by CBSE for Term 2 Class 10 Board Exams and choose the book that has been prepared as per CBSE guidelines. This way you will never end up regretting your choice.

2. Expensive is not always the best

The price of the book falls second if the content is best. The presumption of an expensive book being best is all wrong. The prices may differ, therefore, we should keep our preferable focus on the content of the book. If a book satisfies the quench of learning, then it is definitely the best, whatever its price is!

3. Cheap is not convenient

The book which comes at low prices is usually neglected. We again focus on the same statement that the price of the book falls second. Price has nothing to do with the quality of content. It can’t put a tag on the book to be good or bad at all.

4. Practice Questions must be embedded

Practice questions provided in a book set the foreground of better preparation and the best results in the exams. Let’s simplify this, Imagine you are unable to have dinner after spending hours preparing your favorite dish. This is exactly similar to the situation when you invest your efforts in finding the best study material and don’t get enough questions to practice. The learning becomes less effective in that case.

5. Should be prepared As per the latest CBSE guidelines

CBSE exam pattern has been changed. Change in the exam pattern demands a change in the learning pattern too. Top scores could be secured by befriending the updated CBSE Study Material for Term 2.Latest edition of the book consists all the questions as per the new guidelines and makes it convenient for the students to be familiar to all the anticipated questions.   

6. Content is important than marketing/advertising context

The phrase: Don’t judge a book by its cover is clearly justified. We usually get distracted with the advertisements and end up purchasing the products without testing the authenticity of the content. Focus more on the content of the book, from which you want to prepare for your exams. Your decisiveness and the appropriate evaluation about the content quality is your only savior.

7. Practice Papers

The books which include practice papers, are no less than the step towards the ladder of success. Practice makes a man perfect and greatly increases the likelihood of remembering the new learnt concepts permanently. Students increase their ability to implement the practiced skills to new and more complex problems by practicing. Practice Papers is the best solution.

A book satisfying this checklist, is the best available study material for Class 10 for preparing CBSE Term 2 Board Exams 2022.

Together with Study Material for Term 2 Board exams has various features entitling it to be your top choice. Highly recommended CBSE books to gain the best scores.

Almost 80% of the questions in Term 1 CBSE Board exam question paper were reflected from ‘Together with’ books.

Wish you Good Luck!!!

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